E ach year thousands of cats, dogs, and other pets, must be euthanized (destroyed) because they are unhealthy, born into unsuitable conditions or simply not cared for properly because of a lack of responsible homes for them.


Please spay and neuter your pets and eliminate unwanted or unplanned pet pregnancies. Your local veterinarian can answer your questions, explain the spay and neuter process, and discuss the age at which your pet is ready for this.

Financial assistance is available from Actors and Others for Animals. Visit them on the web at www.actorsandothers.com or call them at (818) 755-6045 or (818) 755-6323.

There are many advantages to having your cats spayed or neutered. It...

- reduces the occurrence of many illnesses and medical problems
- reduces the tendency in male cats to roam
- can help make cats easier to train
- eliminates the difficult "in heat" cycle of female cats
- promotes overall better health in both male and female cats
- eliminates spraying by most male cats
- eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer in females
- reduces the incidence of prostate cancer in males

The majority of veterinarians recommend that these neutering and spaying be done when the cat is about six months of age.

Trapping neighborhood homeless and feral cats and other animals can also help to curb the population of these poor animals. Geting them spayed/neutered and then releasing them back into their environment can both save them and reduce the population of the homeless and ferals.

For an example of how this can easily be accomplished, see HERE .  A Google search of Humane Trap will open a wealth of information on this subject.

Visit a local Humane Society or other pet shelter and have a look at the boarded animals. It will break your heart to see them. They are such wonderful creatures, and are often destined to live out the rest of their lives in small cages, that is until their time runs out and they are put to death.

They aren't able to understand the reasons why. They don't know why they're not wanted once they're no longer cute kittens (or puppies). They don't know why there are so many of them and so few families to adopt them. What might they think if they knew that a simple procedure could save so many of them a lonely life and lonely death.

Please...if you have pets, be responsible and respectful to God's creations. Please get them spayed or neutered. If you know other pet owners, please ask them to do the same. Thank you.

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