P H O T O G R A P H S   A N D   A R T I C L E S   B Y   R O N   G R O S S

Tetons and Yellowstone

May Flowers of Rubio Canyon,
base of famous Lowe Railway Incline

Loop tour of the Pacific Northwest

Interesting info about our Sun and the Seasons

Viewing and Photographing a Solar Eclipse

Whittier Narrows and Nature Center

Aurora Borealis from Yellowknife, NWT

Montebello Hills - 1959

Wallpaper (1024x768)

New England, Fall 2002

Angeles Crest and Mt. Wilson

Los Angeles City Hall

James Irvine Garden, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Topanga State Park, California


Miscellaneous One

HDTV display aspect ratios comparison

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